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Buying a property with poor credit! (Video 10)

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Buying a property with poor credit!


M Mostafizur Rahman

Director- Beneco Financial Services

Special guest:

A K M Hannan(FCCA)


Nashit Rahman

TV3 Bangla

Broadcast date: 16 October 2020

Buying a property with poor credit!

1. Can someone buy a property/get a mortgage with poor credit history?

2. What does it mean by ‘poor credit’ or ‘adverse credit’? ( CCJ , default, IVA, etc.)

3. If someone has defaulted on his credit report, can he still get a mortgage?

4. How can I check my credit history? Is there any fees to pay?

5. My credit report is good, but my wife’s credit report has some issues, is there any problem?

6. Do I need to pay more deposit if I have a poor credit record?

7. What is the difference between credit score and credit report?

8. My credit score is excellent, will I get a good rate on a mortgage?

9. Currently I am on a debt management plan (DMP) , can I apply for a mortgage?

10. How long does any adverse credit history stays on the credit report?

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