• Mostafizur Rahman

How does this lockdown affect the property market? (video-11)

How does this lockdown affect the property market ?

Is now a good time to buy a home in London?

How lockdown and Brexit could affect house prices

The stamp duty holiday and low-interest rates have led to a surge in house buying but is now a good time to buy or is the bubble set to burst?


M Mostafizur Rahman

Director- Beneco Financial Services


Nashit Rahman

TV3 Bangla

Broadcast date: 05 November 2020


1. Can I still buy/sell the property during the lockdown?

2. Will the estate agents and banks remain open during this lockdown period?

3. Can I view any property this month?

4. Will this furlough scheme make any effect on a mortgage application?

5. I heard the mortgage holiday period has extended. Is this true?

6. I had taken a mortgage holiday already, can I take this time again?

7. Will there be any changes in the property market after Brexit?

8. Will the current Help to Buy scheme extend beyond March 2021?

9. Will the stamp duty holiday extend beyond March 2021?

10. Nowadays, is it taking longer to get a mortgage to compare to the pre-covid 19 crisis?

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