• Mostafizur Rahman

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (Video-12)

Property Mortgage with Beneco Finance

What are the advantages of buying a property in joint names?


M Mostafizur Rahman

Director- Beneco Financial Services


Nashit Rahman

TV3 Bangla.

Broadcast date: 12 November 2020


1. Can I be on the mortgage application but not on property ownership ?

2. I want to help my brother to buy his residential property , how can I help him ?

3. What is mortgage prisoners ? How can get out of this situation ?

4. What will be the consequence if someone doesn’t pay mortgages during this pandemic ? 5. We , husband and wife jointly own our residential property. If one of us die, will the other person still liable to pay the full mortgage ?

6. Is there any issue if I keep a lodger at my main residence ? Does it breach the mortgage condition ? Do I need to pay taxes on this income ?

7. Now a days many people working from home. Does it breach mortgage condition ?

8. Short term let , Students let , Airbnb , holiday let etc. cases can we still get mortgage ?

9. Is there any age restrictions to get residential mortgage or buy to let mortgage ?

10. Is home insurance mandatory once someone purchase a property ?

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