• Mostafizur Rahman

Sharia Compliant Home Finance (Video-14)

Property Mortgage with Beneco Finance

Sharia Compliant Home Finance


M Mostafizur Rahman


Shamim Chowdhury


Nashit Rahman

TV3 Bangla

Broadcast date: 27 November 2020


1. What are the main differences between conventional mortgage and Islamic mortgage ?

2. Can any non-muslim apply for Islamic mortgages ?

3. How can someone apply for an Islamic mortgage? Is the process different than conventional mortgages?

4. Why the rates are high in Islamic mortgages ?

5. Can I buy investment property /buy to let property under the Islamic mortgage ?

6. Is the conveyancing process different in Islamic mortgages ?

7. I want to buy the council property under Right to Buy scheme. Can I get Islamic mortgage for this Right to Buy property ?

8. How can I be sure that these Islamic mortgages are Sharia Complaint ?

9. How do lenders make money ?

10. I want to sell my property. Will the Sharia Compliant lender benefit from any increase in the value ?

11. Can someone with bad credit apply for an Islamic mortgage ?

12. What happens if I die , as the property is in the bank’s name ?

13. Can I remortgage my current property to Sharia complaint lender ?

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