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Exclusive Mortgage Product

Headline information

upto 6.5 x income

Supporting First time buyers afford more

Multiple Incomes

Overtime, Bonus, Commission and second jobs accepted

90% Loan to Value

Starting with as little as a 10% deposit


Gifted Deposits

Help towards the deposit from parents, family and friends

Upto 40 years

Maximising first time buyer affordability and budget


Flexible Residency

Able to assess where Permanent Rights to Reside aren't in place

1 year self employed

For all standard application with incomes above £50k


Upto 4 Applicants

Able to use more than 2 applicants income on a case by case basis

Potential homeowners are telling us its increasingly harder to get a deposit together or afford a property they would like to make a home. At Beneco Financial Services, we have exclusive access to a lender and product that can assist in making your dream become a reality.  This product is also Sharia Compliant.

Check your credit report

Check My File - The UK's Only Multi-Agency Credit Report

Try it FREE for 30 days, then £14.99 a month – you can cancel anytime

Supporting More
complex situations

Sharia Compliant

At Beneco Financial Services we can support you in obtaining an Islamic mortgage that is compliant with Sharia Law. These mortgages are not the same as traditional mortgages because they don’t involve paying interest. We’re one of a limited number of companies who has the permission from The Financial Conduct Authority to arrange Sharia Compliant Mortgages

For Customers with bad credit

It’s often possible to obtain a mortgage with a bad credit history, although the options available to you may be limited or not with the lender of your choosing. At Beneco Financial Services we have the experience of what lenders are looking for and what they will consider.

Self Employed & Sole Traders

Accounts for 2 years is preferred, but, If you have less than 2 years it could still be possible to obtain a mortgage. Most mortgage lenders will average your income but there are some lenders who consider your latest year figures. Also, there are lenders who could consider using your retained profit, salary and dividends, if you’re a Ltd company director and take a low salary and dividends but have a high retained profit.

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