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Key Man Insurance

So, you’re checking whether Key Man insurance is worth it? 


So, you’re a top dog in a business – but does your role feel like Jenga with tasks stacked precariously one on top of the other? How stable would that stack be if you suffered illness or injury – could your business easily continue with the game?


Key Man cover from Beneco Financial Services could provide a financial safety net if a member of staff dies or is critically ill. The claim is paid directly to the company or partners to keep the business trading. Some companies will use this money towards funding a replacement or to help with cash flow. 


Contact Beneco Financial Services to find the right policy for you, and your business.

Supporting you through the process

At Beneco Financial Services, we recognise that it’s not always easy for customers to compare products and services and understand the mountain of paperwork from various providers. That’s why we give customers our Beneco pledge to simplify insurance with;

  • A dedicated adviser to explain the shortlist of policy types and their differences at the outset

  • Comprehensive online tools to quickly assess the viability of mainstream and niche insurance providers 

  • A clear, concise breakdown of differences between policy quotes and what they cover – and critically what they don’t

  •  A dedicated case manager to process and track all stages of the process application

  • An automated reminder service at the end of term, to ensure sufficient time to explore better deals at the time 


How do we work? 

We do not charge arrangement or consultation fees for personal or business insurance services. After a quick fact-find call or meeting, we’ll explore the market for the best options and essential criteria for you to consider. We know the preferences, strengths and checklists for all the key insurance providers, so we’ll get you to the right solution swiftly and efficiently. 


Let’s chat, and start the process of establishing the right solution for you. 

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